First Experiences

Posted on 15 January 2012

So between Tynan Fox's post here and Vagabondage moving back to Chicago, I thiought it'd be cute to write about my first experiences in kink-land.

I was kind of scurred of meeting people off the internets, hence waiting until I was almost 22 to do this, but I finally sacked up and accidentally double booked myself for an evening in oh... July '08ish. The first date we'll just say was not notable, but after that I got to meet Vagabondage and his adorable bio-doggy!

And have my first scene! That I topped in... But holycowmyfirstscene! I put him in my neoprene sleepsack and jerked him off. It was a sooper simple scene, but hey it was my first and it was fun!

My second scene ever was with Vagabondage again. We met up shortly after, I think it was during some Puerto Rican pride thing, I remember hearing fireworks going off outside his apartment. He seems to think we wasn't this rough on me for my first bottoming experience, but I maintain that this was indeed the first...

My legs we tied spread apart on his bed, and I was sitting up with my arms tied behind by back and to the headboard. Then I was put in a muzzle with a rope attaching the muzzle through a pulley to my balls. So it was a fun stress position, and any struggling was felt on my balls. So of course Vagabondage alternated between tickling me, edging me, and whacking my thighs with a riding crop! It was pretty awesome, and we became regular play partners.

Amusingly, at my first Chicago Rubbermen Night was when I met Sir, who lent me a rubber t-shirt! So two of the people I'm closest with were among the first I met in kink-land. The Universe is cute that way!

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