6 Months of Chastity

Posted on 3 November 2011

Last week marked an important milestone for Sir and me. Last winter I pitched the idea of being in chastity for 6 months, plus some potential punishment time. After finally getting a chastity device I liked, and double checking my dick was happy with it (which is a whole other story...), I gave my dick over to Sir on April 27.

Did I mention some potential punishment time? I completely let when I'd orgasm up to Sir, but we agreed that an orgasm with his blessing would add 1 week, an orgasm at an event weekend with his blessing would add 2 weeks, and any other orgasms would add 3 weeks. I think about halfway through the summer I had already added about 2 months more to my sentence. Mostly from being bad at letting Sir know when to stop edging me. Or the two of us getting so worked up in a scene that Sir just let me cum anyway.

Also worth noting is that Sir wasn't Sir until about 2 months into this. I was very excited and honored when he asked to collar me. It's been pretty fabulous so far, he's certainly become my best friend here in Chicago over the last year or so.

Which of course also led to a conversation we had about 4 months into our 6+ month arrangement. One very horny afternoon for the both of us, which I can remember quite clearly from the nervous excitement, we agreed that it'd be really fun to just keep me locked up indefinitely. So while last Thursday marks the end of the 6 month period, and while with the punishments my release probably would've been pushed back into next year, we decided that for the foreseeable future I wouldn't be let out anyway. The idea of not being able to masturbate again still gets me hard every time (though Sir and I were talking last night about a scene where I would masturbate myself in front of him and cum all over him...).

Needless to say we're both extremely happy with the situation. I was just now thinking, I don't really fantasize about chastity anymore, I'm living it as much as I'd ever want to. Reading chastity stories still gets me wound up, which is always fun, but now one of those stories could just as well be about me.

Sir and I also had an interesting conversation last night while he was edging me. I suspect I'm too left brained to ever get to a point where I'm begging to cum. Sir had me deliciously close for a while, and whenever he asked if I wanted to cum I kept saying it was up to him. I'm just as happy wanting to cum as I am cumming. Which isn't to say I haven't had some amazing orgasms (and I don't cum quietly, as Sir's housemates can attest...) , but I really like the idea that he's completely in charge of them. I don't really want to ask for one of beg for one, it almost takes me out of the ever important sub headspace. Who am I to suggest when Sir lets his dick shoot?

So it's been a really horny experience. I'm pretty much living out a fantasy. Sir and I both still deliriously happy about the situation.

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