My Mom is Awesome

Posted on 18 January 2011

So my Mom is pretty awesome. Admittedly, she did not take my coming out sophomore year of High School very well. (You're still on that?!) We're a Catholic family, but the lesson from Catholicism that got applied here is that no matter what, we're family. So I'm very grateful that I'm out gay to my parents and still have a great relationship with them. And now for the bonus: I'm out kinky to them as of this winter as well!

A few years back my brother got a tattoo on his back (I swear this is relevant). It's just a lil' 6" tall thing just at the base of his neck. My Mom hates it though. First time she saw it she stormed out of the room and barely mentions it since. She and my brother are pretty close, but I think this is one point of contention between them.

Fast forward to Christmas dinner where I was talking with my parents about my upcoming travels. My Mom asks what this event is in DC that I go to every year. I had probably made the mistake of just referring to it as "an event" a bit too obviously, oh well. I decide to go for broke...

"Mid-Atlantic Leather,"
"Oh. Is that an event where everyone wears leather?"
"Pretty much,"
"I didn't know you were into that. You don't have any tattoos too do you?"

So now Mommy knows I'm a kink! Didn't get into too much detail, which is nice. Amusingly, a tattoo is apparently more of a concern than wearing leather. I suspect she doesn't know what all that could entail, but if she prods further I'll probably wind up invoking the Mother's Right Not to Know. The bonus now though is I don't have to be so vague when I say things like "Oh yeah, Memorial Day weekend is never going to be a free weekend for me..." Or "Please stay out of that closet, that's where I keep my leather, and assorted toys..."

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