Rhymes with Blastoise

Posted on 11 January 2011

So I never had any particular interest in anal sex. Which I always thought made me a bad gay. Then I met a few kinks with pretty much the same mentality. There's so many more exciting things than anal sex. Like autojackers and milking and edging. Rawr!

Butt! I've always had this fantasy involving a plug being locked in my ass. It's another thing a top can control on me. Another way they can remind me who is in control. Another very prominent way, in fact. There's no mistaking that full feeling.

So I bought some ass toys a few weeks back. Was quite fun to explore, really. They're hollow, so it's really interesting feeling a cavity there where my mind usually expects... umm... ass! Anyway, got a set of five plugs, going up to 2" in diameter. Much to my surprise I had worked my way up to the 2" plug in a little more than a week. Apparently my hole is as stretchy as my skin.

It's an interesting sensation to explore. And one of my play buddies has already incorporated it into our play. (Okay, really he's been wanting to plow me for a while...) If you saw me out at the bar last Sunday I was a little bit plugged, under his orders. And last time we played he tried some toys in me while I was in a rubber sleepsack. Was fun to play with! Almost as fun as the 4 hours of excruciating electro that followed!

So yeah, my mild interest in ass play is panning out. Fun times. Now I just have to fend off all the questions about fisting. Which wouldn't be too bad I guess, but not too high on my to do list either.

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