Wearing Sir's Collar

Posted on 16 December 2010

Collared Medium

Over labor day weekend I got a package in the mail. A chain collar with an open padlock. So I did what any sane person would do, I locked it around my neck. Which lead to an interesting weekend at my parent's.

Sir and I had met at Mr. Atlantic Leather last winter, had kept in contact, and decided to try something out. He'd collar me for the weeks coming up to Mr. International Rubber as a sort of trial period. It's the first time either of us had been in any sort of D/s relationship, so we're playing it kind of loose. Which has worked out swimmingly.

Labor day weekend was interesting. Mom couldn't figure out why I'd want to wear such a bulky necklace. My sister picked up on it right away, “Who's got the key to that?” It's kind of hard to explain outside of a kink context, right?

But it got even more fun when my brother visited with his family for a weekend. I had my 6 year old niece sitting on my lap at a restauruant. Of course she needs something to occupy herself with, and oh look, a shiny right on Uncle Johnny's neck! She of course wanted me to take it off so she could play with it. I had to explain that Uncle Johnny doesn't like to take it off, because it represents a bond with a very special friend. Meanwhile my brother is snickering at me in the background...

So aside from that, wearing a collar also has all sorts of amusing practical concerns. I also happen to enjoy running outside regularly before weightlifting. Big heavy chain collar + running? I thought people could hear me rattling from a mile away. And of course the lock would swing up and hit me in the chin, or right along the collar bone. No good.

The first remedy? I tried a couple different types of tape. Painter's tape I'd sweat off right away. Masking tape would pull on my chest hair and then sweat away. Maybe if I was smarter I would've tried athletic tape, but I'm much too lazy to make a whole trip out to the store just for that. The final solution: I attached a rubber band to the lock, and then tied that to my chest with a shoelace. Which interestingly enough doesn't show through my shirt, and provides enough tension that the lock doesn't bounce around wildly.

So ya, all the practical concerns aside (airport security is fun too), it's been a great experience. The collar seems to change weight throughout the day, whenever I remember it's there it gets heavier and reminds me that Sir has taken ownership of me. It's comforting, and it's part of me for the foreseeable future. Now if only there were more time for flying out and cuddling (among other things...) with Sir.

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